Shipping class: mini-zine

A Leftover Christmas Zine: March

Welcome and Craft on with our third Installment of the Craft Leftover Christmas series!

This month we are stitching up dishcloths with a crotchet dishcloth and knit dishcloth DIY !

Check it out!

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Cut Staple Stitch Fold Mini Zine

A quick little look at my favorite ways to make mini books and zines originally made for a “make this book” workshop booth at the Des Moines Science Center.
1. Long Arm Stapler – which is what this zine is made with
2. Saddle Stitched
3. One page mini zine format (aka the Onsie)

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Making and Using Simple Syrups Mini Zine

A fun little mini zine – a “onsie” – made from a single sheet of paper and some strategic cuts that fold nicely into a little book. Learn how to make your own simple syrup and a few of my favorite ways to use it. Yum Yum Yum.

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Holiday Tea Make this Zine

A sweet little zine that shows you how to make a mini zine, give an outlet for some fun coloring time, and a complete indulgence in all fun little holiday tea things.


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Adventures of Bob Barker Mini Zine

Lucy asked me to make her a book about Bob Barker, our husky/aussie pound puppy and this was the result.

A short and sweet zine about why trying to free range our backyard chickens would end in their death.

I would say it’s kind of kid appropriate. Definitely will lead to some interesting discussions about the cycles of life and where your dinner comes from.

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Plaited Paper Basket Mini Zine

Needing to make an easter basket? Or a home for a potted plant?

Look no further!

The Plaited Paper Basket DIY Instructions are here!

Come check it out and create on!

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Leftover Christmas Zine: Issue 1

This is the first instillation of the Leftover Christmas series of zines which will run January to December of this year. New issues will be available in the shop once a month at the same time as new Craft Leftovers Monthly issues.

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