Zine Pack: Three Craft Leftovers Zines


The three most recent Craft Leftovers zines all together.
Each zine is 20 – 24 pages of crafty goodness in a 5×7″ page size. Color Cover, black and white insides. Perfect for pockets, purses, and pouches. Get inspired, inspire your friends.


Issue 4:1
In this Issue
:: Diner Discussions: the illustrated life of leftover living
:: Faux French Silk Pie: chocolate cheesecake recipe inspired by Village Inn ® pie eating
:: Sketchbook Collaborations: collaborating near and far through sketchbooks
:: Online Making: using the internet to work together
:: Find the Words: my favorite type of puzzle, a craft themed wordfind just for you and me!
:: Swap Bot: collaborating with strangers
:: Collaborating Squared: crochet, knit, and woven squares to make, swap, and create with + build your own cardboard “peg” style loom
:: Mail Restraints: everything you need to know about sending odd things through the mail

Issue 4:2
In this Issue
:: Stash Inheritance: how I have so many crafts for so cheap
:: Stash on Display: an illustrated catalog of my stash
:: Sewing Machine Inheritance: the histories of my 4 sewing machines
:: Weaving Good Fortune: My favorite inherited stash story
:: Color it: spend a little time playing with crayons
:: Egg Basket How to: My first project using my new to me basketry supplies
:: Leftover Breakfast Frittata: Using up all my dinner leftovers with a new weekend tradition
:: Home is Where the Crafts Are: Using up all those yarnie bits!
:: Stashed Memories

Issue 5:1
In this Issue
:: 7 Years in Passing
:: The Many Deaths of Backyard Chickens
:: Chicken Workers Ode to chickens past
:: Lessons Learned (about backyard chickens)
:: Word Find
:: Recipe: Baked Eggs
:: Lucy’s Bug Box

If you’d like me to sign & date the zines or include a personalized message, just let me know in the comments.

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