The Many Deaths of Backyard Chickens | Craft Leftovers Zine 05:01


Exploring the many deaths of my backyard chickens along with some practical tips for having chickens in city limits.


In this Issue
:: 7 Years in Passing
:: The Many Deaths of Backyard Chickens
:: Chicken Workers Ode to chickens past
:: Lessons Learned (about backyard chickens)
:: Word Find
:: Recipe: Baked Eggs
:: Lucy’s Bug Box

The Craft Leftovers Monthly Zine is designed, written, laid out and hand assembled by Kristin Roach. It’s 20 pages of crafty goodness in a 5×7″ page size. Color Cover, black and white insides. Perfect for pockets, purses, and pouches. Get inspired, inspire your friends.

Craft Leftovers is print locally in Ames, Iowa.

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Dimensions .125 × 5 × 7 in