diy wedding

DIY Wedding: Garage Saling Decor & More!

Earlier in the year Jason and decided that “something this fall” we’ll get married. When I started talking to my sister about the reception, she found so many wonderful ideas on backyard weddings and how the wedding couple had thrifted, garage saled, and found all the decor, wine glasses, plates, and silverware! I loved the idea! Who want’s everything the same standard size? Not me!



My original thought was to scan one of the old issues of Pack-O-Fun that my friend Deb sent me and make it into a pdf that you all could download for free. I decided it would be fun to include some research on the publication’s history and found that it is indeed a living history! I found Pack-O-Fun’s website here, it’s now being published by a company called Amos Craft Publishing. At fist I wasn’t sure if it was still the same magazine, but after digging around on the website, I became convinced that if it wasn’t the same publication exactly, it must have been strongly influenced by Pack-O-Fun.