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Mini Zine: How Math Ruined Summer Vacation

My newest zine is out! This past summer while my daughter was being excessively determined to never do math again and that it’s worthless — this little gem was born. Just 3 months later she’s enjoying math (or at least doing it) and thinks this little zine is hilarious and […]

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Knit Pattern: Cat Hoodie

The Making me Purr Cat Hoodie. It’s one of those patterns that was so much of a joke between Jason and I that I almost didn’t write it down. I almost didn’t share it. It’s become a classic. Knit from stash yarn and lots of laughs it’s the most popular pattern I’ve ever written to date. Originally published in December 2009. Available for purchase on Ravelry, Etsy, and Here on in my Shop

journal - zines

New in the New Shop

Grand Re-Opening of the Craft Leftovers Shop: Your Hub for Resourceful Craft Inspiration & Eco-Conscious Fine Art! I am thrilled to announce the return of the Craft Leftovers Shop at its new digital abode! A leftovers hub for craft zines & patterns is re-emerging at a new web address, and […]


Ep 18: Do it for the Publicity Guidelines

Do it for the “publicity” rarely works: Here is how to Make sure it Does. Enjoy the podcast here or your favorite player. Enjoy the Livestream video edition: Treat me to a cuppa: General Notes Sign up for the Craft Leftovers enews list  to see what’s been recovered in the archive […]


Switching up Live-Stream to Pre-Recorded + Schemes

Just wanted to send a quick message out to let you know I’m pausing live streaming for the rest of the year. I’m working on some really exciting projects right now and as they ramp up, I need more time to get them going. One of the challenges live streaming […]

journal - Mend it Better

A Place to Mend in May

Gather up those textiles you’ve been meaning to work on and join me for some creative social fun. Bring any projects to work on, ie.. knitting, crochet, needle work, whatever. 5:30 – 8:00pm Thursday, May 25th, 2023 Octagon Center for the Arts, 2nd Floor Studio FREE IN PERSON EVENT | […]

journal - Mend it Better

A Place to Mend @ the Octagon

Mending is that bridge between creative worlds. Whether a hobbiest or professional, we all have something to share, contribute, and a sock with a hole. For those of us that are a little more quiet, it gives us a task to keep attentive to and help with any social anxiety. […]


Turning off Ads on Craft Leftovers

Last year I turned google ads on. This year I’m turning them off. Here is the why for both choices. Plus a little digressing. Craft Leftovers the blog has been around since that 2006 Hello World Post. Believe it or not, it was one of the OG blogs on recycled/upcycled/green […]

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Ep 12: Making a Traveling Exhibit

After a year of work I’m taking the Junk Mail Migration Paintings & Tapestry on the road! How did I create a traveling exhibit? And what are the essentials to coordinating with multiple partnering institutions? As a curator at an art center, I received and installed hundreds of works of […]

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Ep 11: Should you Sell at a Fair, Fest, or Market?

Enjoy Episode 11 of the Craft Leftovers Podcast in video form (the abridged recording of the September 14, 2022 livestream and transcript are coming soon). Pull up a project and craft along. Over the last two decades I’ve coordinated, participated, and volunteered at over 100,000* art and craft festivals, fairs, […]

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Ep10: 8 Ways Art & Craft are the Same

Enjoy Episode 10 of the Craft Leftovers Podcast (an abridged recording of the August 17 livestream) in audio form. Pull up a project and craft along. Having a foot in craft and the other in art, I often get asked “what IS the difference between art and craft?” I love […]