Re-Knitting Dropped Stitches in Realtime Live

Join me for 40 minutes of relaxed mending and afternoon tea. Today I reknit the top of my daughter’s hat that “exploded” at school. I also show off a few other projects in my mending basket and the socks I’m knitting up just for fun. Show Notes Sign up for the

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Crafty Business

Ep 14: Annual Review in an Hour

Before making a plan for the next year, (Ep 01 of Craft Leftovers), let’s take an hour to consider this past year. What went well? What could have been better? What just totally missed the boat? Do you try again next year or let it go? I’m taking you through

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Winter Indoor Garden: A sprout of hope!

This year I’m making a preemptive strike on the winter blues. The seedlings will all be green and wonderful by the time we are a foot under snow. Ha. Take that Iowa winter. We planted these sweet little seeds on Tuesday, and today, sprouts! Just two. And you can barely see them.

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Turning off Ads on Craft Leftovers

Last year I turned google ads on. This year I’m turning them off. Here is the why for both choices. Plus a little digressing. Craft Leftovers the blog has been around since that 2006 Hello World Post. Believe it or not, it was one of the OG blogs on recycled/upcycled/green

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