Free Crochet Pattern: Lanel’s Mitts

I wear fingerless mittens so my fingers can be fidgety while wearing them and warm. It never fails that while I can use my fingers without gloves, my hands are freaking cold. No more. Taking inspiration from my nerdy star trek loving side, I made fingerless mittens that make my hands feel like Riker’s must have while disguised as a Malcorian.

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Free Beginner Knitting Pattern: Lucy’s Pinktastic Scarf

This scarf is a great for a beginner wanting to try knitting with two colors at the same time. For the more advanced knitter, it’s a simple garter stitch pattern so it’s perfect for knitting while enjoying a movie or waiting for kids to get done with sports. And only 4 ends to weave in on its entire stripy lengeth.

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Free Sewing Pattern: Shop ‘n’ Ride Tote

Love this tote and re-reading this post had me thinking… where did that bag go! It would be excellent to pack my lunch in. This

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