Knit Head Wrap | Practice Lace Stitches in this easy fast knitting project

Special thanks to Ravelry member dc2go for requesting this pattern be next to update! I love this pattern for teaching begging lace knitting, making a

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Crochet Mosaic Scarf | Free | A rainbow of colors made from your stash!

Special thanks to Nancy S. for requesting this pattern be next to update! I’ve dug up the original pattern and put it all straight into

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Knit Tea Cozy Free Pattern

For the next addition of the Pattern Archive Restoration project, I present the Knit Tea Cozy. It’s not just for tea pots, it can also work for nice big 13″ circumference tea mugs. Knitted way back in 2008… I still find this little cozy immensely useful, cheerful, and cozy! Made for a Tea-for-One tea set, it fits well on a large mug or any other small pot.

Visit the original pattern post for the complete free pattern.

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