Mini Zine: How Math Ruined Summer Vacation

My newest zine is out! This past summer while my daughter was being excessively determined to never do math again and that it’s worthless — this little gem was born. Just 3 months later she’s enjoying math (or at least doing it) and thinks this little zine is hilarious and the best thing to possibly come out of our summer standoff math sessions.

All the Details

It’s little, cute, and bringing of giggles. That’s really all you need to know. Page counts and those details can be found in the shop.

Get your copy in the Craft Leftovers Shop Today!

I have a larger zine in the works, the release date is tentatively April in time for zine fest season… if the fates align.

Happy New Year and….

Until Next Time!
Kristin M Roach

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