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MAL Quicky: Hurricane Hat + challenge prize!

Alright, by a 4-1 vote the Hurricane Hat has it! I’ve snapped up a skein of yarn, wound it, and have even dropped the details into my Ravelry Notebook. The official CastOn has begun. Ready. Set. Knit! Now to spice thing up, if you finish your hat by Friday night […]

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Aceraceae Crochet Cowl

This cowl was inspired by three things. I wanted a scarf that would keep my neck warm in the upcoming months of cold, but that would lay flat in my pea coat… or maybe not have to be tucked into my neckline at all. The issue though is that little […]

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Scruby Bumpy Face Cloth

Scruby Bumpy Face Cloth

I know that this stitch pattern must exist out there somewhere in the knitland. Pretty much any stitch pattern is, but I came to this on my own. I love woven basket stitch for it’s simple texture, it also lays nice and flat. For a face cloth though, I wanted something a little more bumpy, so I added in a couple rows of a little something something to make it nice and gently scrubby. I love the way it turned out. I am hoping to make a bunch more for Jason and I. I recycled a whole sweater of 100% cotton yarn and it’s just perfect for this project. I also learned a little trick about weaving in ends on a 100% cotton face cloth, something that has always evaded me before, so I’ll show that too you in this pattern too.