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While all Craft Leftovers projects start with an ball of yarn, a scrap of fabric, or some bits of paper, they inevitably call for those staple supplies. To keep the studio running, these items are on the top of my needs list: glue stick, hot glue sticks, thread, sewing machine needles, rotary cutter blades, safety pins, masking tape, artists tape (like masking, but white and less sticky), craft glue, gesso, zippers, elastic, clasps, bag handles, and buttons. Donations of any of these supplies would be most welcome and appreciated!

Or you can check out the Craft Leftovers wish list over on amazon. There are a pile of books I would love to add to the reference library in my studio, but just don’t have the funds for.

Send all donations to:
Craft Leftovers
2321 N. Loop #102
Ames, IA 50010

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