New book: Creating a Blog Audience by Sister Diane

Diane of the CraftyPod has done it again, she has put out one of the most insightful publications that actually helps bloggers with their blogs: Creating a Blog Audience! The first ebook on this topic is Creating a Great Blog – because why would you give a rats you know what about creating a blog audience unless you first had a great blog! If you have a blog and want to improve it, get both. Seriously, it’s a great deal. I have been blogging for 4 years now and I learned so much. Some of it was being reminded, some was being inspired, but a lot of it was new information I had never thought about before.


Diane has a lot of experience writing a successful blog and has taken on the filling the void about how to actually make one. She genuinely wants to help people succeed with their blog writing endeavors. Her focus is on engagement marketing vs broadcast marketing and how it specifically applies to craft bloggers. I love her honesty about why one would want to create a blog (in Creating a Great blog) and grow the audience. It comes with a free workbook to help you define your goals, needs, and take notes! Perfect!

You can read more about the book’s details and pick yourself up a copy here.¬†

Also, I have to say, her checkout system is great. The book is automatically delivered with in a matter of minutes – complete instant gratification :)

When you read the book, I’m sure you will notice the subtle changes around here that reflect what I’ve learned and been inspired to do.