Volume 2: Issue 8 is hot off the presses!

In the September issue I have delved into the world of miniature crafting. It’s been a blast making tiny crafts on the small scale and reminiscing about playing with my Pink Panther as a kid. Ah the adventures that 10″ high pink plushie and I had.

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::Table of Contents::

Hi Ya – Notes from me to you

Smitten Knitten – A knit kitty for your littlest friends
A Few of My Favorite Things – Delights from around the web

Mini Fabric Banner by Claire Chambers of Absolutely Small

Chatting with Denise of Denise’s Shop – the maker of the cutest tiny amigruimi creations around
The Crafty Life
Make a Matchbox by Su Mwamba of Tangle Crafts – You don’t need to buy matchboxes to use them for crafting anymore, Su shows us how to make our own from scraps of this and that!
On the Web – Highlights from the Craft Leftovers blog

Stitch up a Mini Tie Quilt for your mini bed
Color IT! Because who doesn’t love a little coloring from time to time. Take a breather from work and play with me a little bit.
Make Your Own Borrowers Rug – Inspired by the book series the Borrowers, Su has created a wonderful rug pattern to jazz up your small spaces.
Dwelling on Dollhouses – Reflections and stories about crafting for my 10″ friend as a kiddo. The dollhouses I made and why diy’ing with your kids can have lasting impressions and give fodder for good stories later in life.

Thrift Kitchen: Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes – Making a family reunion recipe for just Jason and I, and adding chocolate into the mix!
Mini CLM – That’s right, take this issue and cut it down to size. I show you how to make the smallest zine for your small space. This is the cutest issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly because on these pages you will be given everything you need to make it 1″ tall – that’s like 1/7 scale right?
Find the Words – Take a break, grab a pencil, and find those crafty words in this month’s word find.
Tiny Reading Chair – Now your little friend (Like a Chicken Pants just maybe) will have a place to read their own Craft Leftovers Monthly. This quick to make chair is all the latest in small scale carpentry – in the way that all you need is some fabric scraps, old fleece, mat board, and hot glue. Excellent!
Knitting on the Smallest Scale with the Smallest Hands What are the best found materials for knitting needles for your 10″ tall friend? Well I’ve tried them all and here is what I found.
Until Next Time

::This month’s contributors::

Clair Chambers — absolutelysmall.com

Su Mwamba — tanglecrafts.co.uk

Fanie Grégoire — thecraftylife.com

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Happy Crafting!