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I’ve been kicking around the idea of making a monthly subscription for Craft Leftovers for a couple of months now. When the Babylock sewing machine was donated to me, I wanted to do something special for Alice to repay her for her kindness. I started thinking about a kit a month club, maybe a package of reclaimed leftovers, both would be nice, then what about a special project? Well why not a little zine? It all came together yesterday and here it is hot off the press!

Each month subscribers would receive a package filled with:
+++A kit for a pattern from the previous month of Craft Leftovers
+++Reclaimed Craft Leftovers goodies (flat quarters of vintage fabric, buttons, iron on patches, etc)
+++Craft Leftovers Monthly – A 10 page zine filled with as much tips on leading a stress free crafty lifestyle, a Craft Leftovers Monthly only project, cutout bonus projects, and reclaimed leftovers sprinkled throughout as a 10 page zine can hold.
+++Little handmade goodies that go along with the zine’s content.

Each subscriber’s package is unique because it is made up of reclaimed leftovers and therefore a few of each kind only.

Subscriptions cost:
1 month = $12.00 (+$2.00 s&h)
2 months = $22.00 (+$4.00 s&h)
3 months = $30.00 (+$6.00 s&h)

Here is a link to the listing in the etsy shop: Craft Leftovers Monthly!

The subscriptions are open until Monday, September 3rd and will be sent out Monday September 10th. There are only 20 subscriptions available so pick your’s up asap so you make sure you get signed up.

The September Subscriptions are all sold out! Holy Moly folks, thank you so much!

I have a busy day today with class, I’m just on break right now. I will send as many as I can manage confirmations and revised invoices right now, and then finish up when i get home tonight. Thank you sooooo much!

We will see how doing 20 goes this month and maybe up it to 25 or 30 next month. I just didn’t want to go overboard. One step at a time right.

Thanks again!


7 thoughts on “Craft Leftovers Monthly

  1. You go girl! What a great idea – like a Sampler for those of us who like to craft – I’m sure it will be a great success so I better sign up NOW!

  2. I missed out, that’s what I get for being away from the computer for a day….looking forward to more subscription availability!

  3. sorry to be a pain, but is there a signup list for the next one? or a mailing list? thanks!

  4. hey there what a brilliant idea! how do we subscribe and do you ship to UK ? Sally x

  5. Unfortunately… and fortunately at the same time… the subscription sign ups for September are all sold out. I will be adding more subscriptions for October though with a super fun Halloweens theme and project.

    I’m working on getting a mailing list together for Craft Leftovers in general. You would get updates on subscription as well as upcoming handmade show dates and locations… it might not happen til this weekend though just because I stink at coding. It will come.

    Thank you so much everyone, you guys/gals rock!

  6. Dang! I just discovered this and it was sold out! Do you ship internationally? I am in Sweden.

  7. I do ship internationally, and I just put the October one on sale yesterday, there are still 8 left as of this morning. They are in the shop.

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