Amy Sedaris :: I love you :: And Craft Magazine too!

Craft Vol 10 is due out on news stands February 10th! It’s going to be a great issue full of idea on how to Celebrate Like Crazy! And best of all Amy Sedaris is the cover lady this issue – she shows us all how to make a great beautiful, sloppy, gross looking cake! Love it!

You can preview her article in Craft here:

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Volume 10

It’s kind of fun to see her in Craft. I actually met her at Blog Her two summers ago (as well as Natalie from Craft) when we were on a panel together. She is a riot for sure! Super nice too!

Make sure to pick up your issue or subscription of Craft vol 10 – not just for the great Amy Sedaris article, but all the other great projects too! Every issue really is a treat.

As Craft puts it themselves:

With funny-lady Amy Sedaris as our cover star, celebration is theme for CRAFT Volume 10. In this issue, we feature instructions to help you create the perfect mixtape for any party, make a keepsake wedding book, design beautiful invitations, and make customized plates and coasters, fancy hats, party cakes and cake toppers — even put together the ideal cocktail bar. You just found a great excuse to throw a party!”


on a side note, sorry about the lack of post yesterday and the lack of pattern today again! It’s coming, but I ran into a snag, it should be finished up tonight though and I will get it to you tomorrow afternoon. It’s worth the wait because, if I do say so myself and I do, it’s a pretty freaking stellar hat! So the crocheted goodness and news is coming at you tomorrow for sure!

Happy Crafting!

3 thoughts on “Amy Sedaris :: I love you :: And Craft Magazine too!

  1. AHHHHHHHH! I don’t need to be buying a fifteen dollar magazine when I’m saving up for getting hitched in May, but it’s got wedding articles. and Sedaris? Yeah, I guess I might have to figure out a way to get a copy.

  2. Actually, the cover price is now $9.99, so go ahead and live it up! There are some great wedding how-tos in there.

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