Apartment Redress: Basket Touch Up

Two weeks ago I posted about the color dilemma with the basket. Dilemma 1: the basket is not a color I like. Dilemma 2: what color to paint it! I decided to go with the yellow over the red. 


Often, with cheap spray paint (which is what I have), it’s so transparent you can actually layer it. Going one color over the other is a great way to make fun unique textures and colors with what you have. You know, the whole yellow + red makes orange rule. Or at least orange tinted red with splashes of yellow in the mix.

Unfortunately, when I decided this i didn’t realize that the yellow spray cap had snapped off and proceeded to drizzle/spray my hand, myself, and the basket. Haha, so it goes. I let it dry and gave it a generous coat of red. And that turned out great! And it randomly turned out that the sweater I’m wearing today is the exact same color. Nice :)


I admit, these pictures are totally bias. “Oh cute red orange basket that I love in the sunlight with bright blue sky and tree, converted from crappy dull badly lit thrift store find.” 

Now, unfortunately, since it’s getting colder, it’s mostly covered with coats! But that’s the way of things isn’t? 

Happy Crafting!


ps – sorry for the delay in posting, I lost my camera cable and had to wait for Jason to get finished at work to snag one from his office.