Apartment Redress :: Lamp Remake

Apartment Redress - Lamp Remake

Lamps are expensive. This one is free and in our possession already. It’s not half bad either, just a little, well…. “out dated”, not in a fun funky interesting vintage way either.

Jason also needs a lamp for his work area, but this one isn’t so great because the shade is too thick. He needs something a little less opaque. I need something a little less tacky, haha.

Here is what I’m thinking:
Strip the shade and use the wire skeleton to make a new shade. Use a natural fabric, maybe a twill weave, for the shade. Spray paint the base to change it from that “antiqued” brass to a nice soft teal.

Apartment Redress - Lamp Remake

What do you think? Will that work? I’m going to read up on painting metal and redoing lamp shades. By Tuesday I should have a good amount of progress as well as some great resources for you.


I do have some pictures for you finally –

The dresser:
Dresser Finished

The drawers are really sticking badly, getting better as the days go on, but still bad. I need to head on down to Lowe’s again. I’ll get my paint for the lamp and then get some wax to smooth up those wooden tracks. Any suggestions on brands? Do you have a dresser that you have fixed the sticky tracks? What worked for you?

And here is a better picture of the chair. I added another one to the flickr set to if you want to check it out from another angle:

Sewing Chair - Finished!

And that is what I have for today. I’m going to work on getting some more things in the shop and then hit the hay. I was able to get all the pictures taken and edited last night, but I wasn’t able to add any new yarn into the shop. I really just had to go to bed. Okay, I’m not sure what’s going on with etsy or my pictures or both, but I can’t get it to upload my pictures. It keeps throwing me an error saying it’s not saving it to etsying. I tried it quite a few different ways too. I think I’m going to set it down for a bit and try again in the morning. Tea and knitting and listening to the commentary on the debate seems in order, haha. Have a good night!

I took the bus to work this morning and so I had to be out the door at 7:20am! I was up by 6:25am this morning, before the sun was up. Maybe not a huge deal to most, but I haven’t woken up before 7:45 in over 2 years! So it was hard for me to get to sleep before midnight. I’m pretty beat and it’s only 9:04! Haha. That’s okay. I had fun. I ate so much chocolate! They actually encourage you to eat chocolate all the time so you can tell people what it’s like, what your favorites are, etc. So many yummy bonbons. What a great job. I’m going to try to limit myself to just one when I work (which won’t be too often) after I finish training. I’ll be working again tomorrow night to learn closing stuff. I hope someone is playing the piano, that’s so nice. That’s right! We have a baby grand in the shop and musicians are free to come in a play. Just another wonderful thing about this place.

Goodnight folks! I’ll see you all tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Apartment Redress :: Lamp Remake

  1. You know, that’a a good point. I don’t think it’s circumference is too big, but maybe the height on it. Maybe it’s the angle of the picture too… hmmm. Maybe I’ll just make a new shade all together, or alter the shape of the one I have. We will see how it goes.

  2. I’ve heard of people just using candle wax (or even a candle stub) to wax drawers, but I’ve never tried it myself. I like the “reduce, reuse” aspect of it, though.

  3. Love you redoes. What a great way to be ecology correct in these crazy times. About the sticky drawers … I have heard of using candles too but also have heard of using soap, dry of course. It may be that if none of these work, you may have to plane down the sticky area a little as the drawers may have swollen some. Good luck. And, heck, you get to work in a chocolate store …. that’s my dream!!!!!

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