Apartment Redress :: Laundry Days Part III

Laundry Hamper - cat inspection time

Today I set out to make the frame of the laundry hamper. It went pretty smoothly, except it turned out kind of huge! Haha. I think I’ll cut it down a little bit. I’m thinking about making the depth smaller, like 1 foot instead of a 1 1/2′. It just seems really big. I want a second opinion though.

The cloth hanging on the back is destined to be laundry bags. I want to get the size of the frame right before I start cutting and sewing the fabric.

Laundry Hamper

Oh this is important, this little tool is so worth getting if you do a lot of diy stuff with pvc. It’s a pipe cutter, it makes nice smooth cuts all the way around your pipe. I was going to use a hack saw and Jason was like “here use this”. Why thank you Jason. I think I will. And I did. And it was great!

Laundry Hamper

I ran out of pvc and didn’t realize until later that Jason has a whole bunch that he had been playing with leftover in the garage. AH! I could have seriously made this all with leftovers. Oh well. It’s partial leftovers now.

Laundry Hamper

I found some duck cloth on sale at Joann’s for just $4 a yard (the 72″ size too!) and bought 3.5 yards. I think that will be more than enough for me to make some laundry bags and then a bag for my other laundry stuff (hangers, detergent, etc).

I’m getting closer and I’m hoping to have things a lot closer to being finished when I show it to you again on Thursday.

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On a different topic – I’m listing things on ebay again! Hooray! Right now I have two lots of stash fabric and one knitting bag up. I really don’t care about making money on these, I just want them to go to a good home…. and stop cluttering up my home :P So I’ve packed a lot of things in flat rate boxes so it will get to you quick and for not too much. (shipping ranges from $6-$13 depending on the size and weight).

And another thing, I was thinking about was changing my ebay account so it would be “craftleftovers” and I said as much to Jason and he was like “you know you can just change your username right?” Genius! So I did. So now you can see all my listings here under the seller name: CraftLeftovers (no spaces). So go check it out.

I don’t work too much this week so I’m hoping to get a lot of kits into the shop, things on ebay, and yarn into green prairie fibers.

I’m going to actually go put something else up on ebay right now.

See you all tomorrow!