Book Making and Photoshoots

I feel like a bona fide author this week! Storey Publishing flew me out to Massachusetts to be on hand for the photographing of all the books steps. It’s turned out to be really good for both of us. We have been able to tighten up wording, make things better, and get to know each other a bit before the book goes into full production.

It’s pretty fun to see how to do high quality photos for a book. I’ve learned quite a lot and I’m excited to try some new things in my own photography.

They have so many fun sewing things in the photography studio. It’s great that the creative director AND the editor both have piles of amazing sewing notions, accessories, and material–which worked out great since I was flying here. I didn’t have to try and ship my studio of things to Mass. And it’s just neat to see other people’s collections–like this great stack of vintage fabrics, old wooden spool and pin cushion.

Last night it stopped raining long enough for me to wander around North Adams. This neat old warehouse is actually home to both Mass MoCA and Storey Publishing. I’ll be taking a tour on Thursday. So far I’ve just been at the photography studio.

I’m staying across the street from Storey at the Porches. Oh my gosh, love this place! I get coffee and croissants delivered to my room. There’s a huge tub in the bathroom. It’s decorated so freaking cute. I’ll take loads of pictures tomorrow so you can see. I’m so glad it’s comfortable because I’ve pretty much just been hanging out here working on things for Craft Leftovers–I need to get the next zine printed asap after getting back–and Ames–we are getting our ArtVend project off the ground this week.

My personal part of the book making is finally coming to a close, manuscript, projects, and samples to photograph are finally all in their hands. But, there is still so much more work to be done. Proofs and layout, test prints and final reviews. Selling, marketing and publicizing are huge tasks all on their own that I’m so happy to help and be a part of it. It is my first book and I am so proud of the way it’s shaping up.

I’ll be back soon with more pictures and bookish fun!

Happy crafting!


3 thoughts on “Book Making and Photoshoots

  1. Book making IS a ton of work. Hours and hours and hours of work! i am so glad you are enjoying the process as much as you are.

    And that you got to be a part of the photo shoot! Bet you learned lots of magic tricks!

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