Calling in Sick

It’s just the way these things work I suppose. I’m looking forward to a little Thanksgiving break with the family and what happens, I totally get sick. I think I’m going to call it a night and go to bed. It’s one of those can’t talk and feeling exhausted things. I knew it was coming and have been trying to hold it off. Sleep won’t hold off any more though. My body is giving out on me and telling me to get my ass to bed so it can heal up.

I’ve been plugging away on the tute for this week though and am getting close to having it done, so I’ll have it up in the morning no problem. I’ll see you then and I’m sure I’ll feel better. I’m going to go make some tea and curl up in a blanket and just rest. 

See you all in the morning!


3 thoughts on “Calling in Sick

  1. Sounds like you have what my daughter came home with tonight! Sick is no fun, especially for Thanksgiving. Have a good rest and drink lots. Hopefully you’ll be back in business very soon.


  2. Thank you for your warm wishes! It wasn’t quite up in the morning, but in a pretty timely fashion I think. I was feeling good until I hit that 4pm slump. After a 3 hour drive to the folks bed is looking awesome right now :)

    I hope to be up and running by Friday. I’m sure all I need is lots of pie and stuffing!

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