Converting a kiddo bike trailer

Last year I decided that it was much more affordable to purchase a kiddo bike trailer than a flat bed. I’ve used it pretty regularly to haul things from here to there. Going to the grocery store, workshops, the office. It’s served me really well.

Go get 'em Grocery Getter

This year I thought it would be so neat if we had a real life Ames cart for the parade we were going to be in. Wouldn’t it be fancy if instead of just walking in a parade we were walking with a big red cart? I sure thought so and so did all the other Ames members.


We all pitched in ideas on how best to make one and finally landed on brilliance–let’s convert my bike trailer into the cart! Then it will be ready to go for riding to Ames summer events as well as in the parade. Sweetness!


It worked out so well because the whole thing can be easily assembled and disassembled. You take out the pins and simply lift off the top. The wheels can be taken off and the bike arm folded under for super easy storage.

We used some of the birch panels I had laying around for the bottom. With loads of hole drilling, skill saw sawing, painting, and gluing, we had this lovely beast of a cart.

And here we are walking in the parade. I love the little cluster of balloons floating off the back. :)



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Happy spring parading!



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  1. googling about how to do this. you’ve done it! magic. my cart needs new inner tubes in the wheels. hmmm, how to replace I am wondering.

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