Delay by Wii Fit

I did something this morning that I have never done before. Jason and I woke up an hour before Target opened and went and stood in line for a Wii Fit. I couldn’t help myself but to play with it off and on all day… results, I’m sore and worn out and after only 6 hours of sleep took a long nap. I did get the projects done for today, but lack the time to write it up. I thought to myself “oh I have enough time, no problem” I didn’t anticipate the addiction to balance games and the fatigue that would hit me from lack of sleep and physical exhurtion.  Geesh. It’s 8:30pm and I’ve decided that I should just give in for the evening and finish packing. Which leads me to the next point:

I do have some fun news (for me anyway). I’m going on vacation tomorrow morning for a week. And by vacation I mean going to do research for an instillation piece I’m working on. There will be some relaxing and reading and researching and I’m going to go fishing with my dad and go to some museums and gardens and do a whole lot of drawing. It will be a good time. I’ll be back next Sunday.

I’ll still be posting tomorrow and wednesday. The pattern I had planned for today will be ready no problem by next Friday. I’m going to start posting the patterns on Fridays.  I think a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule will be nice.

In other side note news, I’m starting a new project this week. I’ve mentioned it from time to time on the ol’ blog-o. Kro Postal will be opening up for business this Tuesday, July 1st, 2008. So what is Kro Postal and why did I decide to start it? The name Kro Postal is short for Kristin Roach Original Postal and is pronounced Crow Postal. You can read all about the whys on the About Page.  And I’m taking all my shop stock for Craft Leftovers, Green Prairie Fibers, and Kro Postal with me, so there won’t be any shop closures. It all fits nicely into a rubbermaid bin the back of my car.

And I’m out. I’m going to get this packing done and head to bed.

Goodnight! See you tomorrow!


One thought on “Delay by Wii Fit

  1. Wii fit is so addicting, isn’t it? It doesn’t seem like “exercise” but it sure makes me sore afterward!
    Hope you have a great trip.

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