Destash Check in!

(this is now)

(this is before)

I’m happy to report that much progress has been made. First, I took the suggestion of many commenters and brought some organization to the pile. Whew, that’s better. Now I can actually get to the things I need to get to.

I did toss 2 garbage bags of junk (like packaging, yarn ball wrappers, boxes, bits of this and that, and some straight up trash). And I set aside 2 big boxes of things to sell in the stash section of the shop. And I’ve already sent out quite a lot of stashy things since I posted about it 2 weeks ago – hooray!

I’m still working through the pile, so more stashy things in the shop. I found a cash of yarn that I’ve been meaning to sell forever. It’s really nice hand dyed stuff – orange is just not my color it turns out.

Oh yeah, the walls of my basement are totally pink – what! Yeah. I know. Right…. Ah well, we will paint it eventually.

New Book Stash Category in the shop!

I listed some books in the shop that are pretty fun, most of them I’ve priced at “buy me a coffee” + shipping. There are some vintage ones, a crochet one, and a creative inspiration one. Go check that out.

Bookish Update

And I also wanted to check in and let you know that when I said I thought I was all set with the book, I was totally mistaken. It’s looking like I have this week of working pretty solid before I get that “whew, finished”. So close, but not quite there yet. It’s going to be so great, I can’t wait to share with you.

Alright, more soon!

Happy Crafting & Until Next Time!
Kristin Roach


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