Dresser Redress Part II

Today was the day to start putting the drawers back together. They were all painted and as dry as they were going to get in the humid weather we have been having lately.

This is what I started out with this morning:
Drawers - disassembled

First I put the drawers back together. It was an easy matter of some wood glue along the seams and some nails to tack them in place until it dries. You see it’s not really the nails that holds things together, it’s the wood glue that creates a permanent bonds between two piece of wood that are next to each other.


Once dried, I screwed all the handles back in.

handle detail

handle detail

And here is where I stand. I’m going to sand down and paint the rest.

Where that one drawer is all banged up, well that’s really bugging me so I’m going to touch up where the sides of the drawer aren’t painted, but showing. I’ll move that one so it’s on the bottom so hopefully it won’t be too noticeable.

put together

So I have the issue with the drawer being more banged up than I would like or really can do anything about. And then I have another issue. There are only 3 wheels! So I’m starting the search for one more of these or something similar:


Next on the agenda is sanding the rest of the dresser, then painting that. I’m hoping to have it finished and moved in by next week.

See you tomorrow!


One thought on “Dresser Redress Part II

  1. If you really hate the banged up drawer you can replace the front with some plywood BUT I am never that handy. When presented with a similar issue I crinkle glaze then painted it all over with another color. In the end it looked pretty aged but usuable and no-one notice the banged up drawer .

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