Dresser Redress:: Part… not done yet.

Well, not much to report today. I don’t have the dresser anywhere near sanded all the way so I’ll hold off posting about that until Tuesday.

handle detail

This is the image that inspired the color I picked out for my dresser. Granted my ridiculously bright green isn’t quite as elegant (nor is the style for that matter), but it’s all me and I love it and Jason liked it too so it works for use. I love the green/gray color combo though, so beautiful! Plus all I’ve seen it in is the bright sun, which is quite different than an indoor setting, but it’s still going to be really bright, haha.

You can see the parts of this project so far here:: Introduction :: Part I :: Part I :: Flickr Set

I know I’m not quite even close to having the dresser finished, really just half way, but my mind is already racing to the next project. I’m thinking next on the list will be a new duvet cover and pillow cases. Curtains would be nice as would some things to hang on the walls… what do you think? sound good to you?

On a note of not Craft Leftovers, but redressing the bedroom project all the same, we just got a new mattress. So that’s another check on the list of things that needed to happen to make the bedroom nicer, cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing. We did the typical just out of college thing for the past few months… two twins together, haha. Two sheet sets and they weren’t on the same level even because mine was on a platform and his was on box springs. I can actually make our bed with ease now! Hooray! That was huge.

The other huge step that I’ll be working on tomorrow is getting all the laundry done and making a “laundry station” (do I see another craft leftovers projects in the works maybe a 3 section laundry hamper?).

I have the project for tomorrow all set, so check back for that around noonish tomorrow.

See you all then!


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