Dresser Remake :: Part III = Slow Going

It seems that the dresser was varnished more vigerously than the drawer fronts were. That and I ran out of my good sand paper, which I didn’t realize was my good sandpaper because I didn’t realize there was a better and worse. With the limited selection for my little mouse sander though I had just bought what was available. I did make some limited progress today:


I did some overall sanding and then worked pretty hard on just the top and the little back part:


I focused on the gouged parts and getting things overall smoothed out, I  have lovely things like this to look forward to sanding off:


After Jason got off work we went to Lowes and I picked up a sanding block and some good old fashioned 60 grit sand paper. It’s great for taking off paint and rust. And so I’m hoping also really old crappy varnish.

I’m going to take another whack at it tomorrow and hopefully have some better luck.

In other news, I’m putting together a newsletter for the email mailing list and I’m hoping to have it ready to send out tomorrow afternoon.

I’ll have a nice little post up in the afternoon too, so I’ll see you then!

Happy Crafting!