Fabric Stash: All the colors of the rainbow!

Friday’s post really inspired me to get my act together and organize my fabric. Each box is 11″ x 12″ x 14″. I opted to sort them by color, which seems to be my best organizing option yet.












::Patterned Whites::


::Utilitarian Fabrics::


::Bolts of Fabric::


::Spiral of Strips::


::Little Squares::


::Pieces that were too big to fit in the boxes::


::The whole shebang::

I think next I’ll organize and take pictures of all my yarn. Should I organize by weight? fiber type? or color? How do you organize your yarn? your fabric?

Happy crafting!


3 thoughts on “Fabric Stash: All the colors of the rainbow!

  1. I think my fabric is all organized by size. And by “my fabric” I mean the stash that my Mom and I share. We have one bin for fat quarters, another for scraps (maybe bigger then a fat quarter but not a yard, or smaller then a fq), and another for yardage. We also have one that is just whites or tans. And yet another for the fabric that escaped the size bins and made it into project status!

    Oh and the fat quarters, organized by color. I didn't even bring any to my new place because I didn't want to mess up how pretty it looks. LOL

  2. I like how you organize the fabric in boxes inside a shelf. It's cute.

    When it comes to yarn, I sort by weight and fiber content. So, all of my fingering and sock yarn is in one bin with all of the non-wool skeins grouped together. When I had a lot of acrylic, it was all in a bin together regardless of weight. The bin of wool yarn could use a bit more organization but at least it's all wool.

  3. Great)))) I like doing these things – sorting out stuff by color)))) it inspires and gives me new ideas))))

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