Finally, crafting!

It’s taken months. Potentially a whole year. I finally finished a craft project:


I started these convertible mittens well over a year ago. And nearly had them finished. And then I got pregnant.

One would think that a nesting urge might set in and I would get super crafty. Not so. I did less crafting in the year I was pregnant (and following 3 months) than, well, any period of time since I starting making things out of yarn when I was 22.

It was about one month ago that I got my mojo back. It struck me all my favorite things were handmade – the hat in this photo is from this post and the scarf is the first scarf I ever made. I missed it.

I realized that I didn’t even know where my knitting needles all were. Or crochet hooks. Or anything really. It was all a jumbled mess. So I cleaned. I’m honestly still working through cleaning my studio’s supply area. And my studio is just about 1% away from being finished renovated — that will be a post for another day — so really cleaning. Box by box, fabric pile by yarn pile. It feels amazing. I’m tackling it with flylady like tactics of 15 minutes a day. I’m even using the trash, donate, sell, save boxes. It works.

Anyway, so I came across a bag with these mittens in them. And would you believe it, they were finished. And the pattern is written out. The only thing keeping me from enjoying them on during this arctic vortex called Iowa was weaving in the ends. So applied myself to the task just in time to go bird watching with my parents and Lucy.

The mittens are a combo of two yarns – a sock yarn and a vintage maroon circa


Until next time,

Kristin M. Roach