Finished Objects, stash busting, and using up leftovers

Quite some time ago I posted about how I was working through my stash of works in progress. I thought (unrealistically) I would be able to post progress on this pile of wips each week. Ha! Yeah right. Let’s see that was how many weeks ago? 12 weeks. Yep, twelve. Well, I have been trying. I haven’t started anything new, so that’s something right there (outside of work related projects of course). And I have stuck to my finish 2 and start 1 rule. 


Just this past Sunday (week ago yesterday) finished my Candid Cardigan (pattern coming in 3 years or so, haha, not really, but I didn’t take notes, so I have to make another one before I write it). 


Then, I finished my Wavy Lacelette Socks on Tuesday. I’ve been teaching beginning knitting, so while my students are working, I’ve been plugging away at a mindless project (socks). 

I have been wearing the sweater non stop because I love it so much. I wore the socks for 2 days straight because they were so warm and cozy. I washed them and wore them for another two days. I love them both! It is so fun to finish and then use something you make. 

I jumped right into my next knitting pattern, but I’ll tell you all about that on Wednesday. 

Happy Crafting!


3 thoughts on “Finished Objects, stash busting, and using up leftovers

  1. Keep up the great progress! Finishing projects is half the battle…and sometime what a battle it is!

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