Fire Starter

I know it’s the summer and all, but I’m thinking bonfires here, not fire places. Danny Seo over at Simply Green has a great idea here. I really hate those “fire starter” logs. They seem, somehow, not so great. It’s kind of sad most of us don’t know how to properly start a fire without them though. This seems to be a great alternative and you can even make it yourself with bits laying around. Go check out how to make your own here!

2 thoughts on “Fire Starter

  1. What a great idea! Sounds a lot better than the “lighter fluid on twisted newspaper” option… (PS: Bomb fires = bonfires?)

  2. Hehe, I could write it off like I knew that…. I could say, well growing up we always had fires that were like bombs had gone off, which is true, because my dad liked the gasoline! But alas that error in my speaking was all too apparent in my writing… like Pan-A-Cakes instead of Pancakes. Oh the things are parents think are cute, and neglect to tell us! Hehe, thanks for the heads up.

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