Fortune Cookies and Other Neat Stuff

What a great way to use up those little bits! This was sent to me by Kristi, she’s a pretty swanky cat, and her name is spelled like mine, sans the N. You can find other pictures of this little project over here on livejournal.

She also sent me a link to this:
It’s a pretty neat way to use those humungo cans (and that is so not a word, but it will work). I’m not really into the ashtray bit, but place a magnet in the bottom, tilt the edges up a bit, and voila, you have a great place to keep your straight pins, paper clips, etc. You can see how to make one here.

Oh and she also sent me this. It’s a great site with a list to tutorials on how to make such and such from this and that. It’s pretty good and definitely worth taking a look at.

One thought on “Fortune Cookies and Other Neat Stuff

  1. *laughs* well now aren’t you just a sweetheart! I think for the ashtray can someone also mentioned a tealight/small candle holder, maybe make a ton and spray them with outdoor/high temp paint for party favors (wedding even? Now that’d be a cool take-home). I know I think too much =)

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