Going Wrong Again

It’s so funny how some weeks are a bust. Polymer clay gone wrong and now embroidery (which I’m usually just fine with). I spent all day today working on today’s pattern, seriously for the last 7+ hours straight, when I finished I was so excited until I realized one horrifying fact. When I went to wash out the sewing pen marks, the brown thread bled all over the place and turned all the colors dark so it’s just not nearly as cute as I thought it would be, as it was really. Maybe it’s just me because I know how it was supposed to be. I’m having huge mixed feelings posting it. It just isn’t up to my standard.


So no pattern right now. I actually had something else planned for today, but then I couldn’t find what I needed for it. Geesh! That’s okay. It’s been a good day for other reasons. I did get my issue of CRAFTzine in the mail today! Everything looks so great and I’m so happy with how they presented my tutorial. It’s beautiful!

I am going to give the embroidery another shot, but it won’t be ready until tomorrow. I just wanted to let you know about the delay of game in the pattern posting.

In the mean time though, take a look at these:

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Oh and if you missed the post about the contest before, go read and enter it now. I’m extending the deadline a little bit. If you get your post card/letter postmarked by monday, I’ll count that too. So send it on in :) Thank you to those who sent mail already! I have received some and they made my day! Thank you for the stories!

Kristin Roach