Good news and Bad News

I’ll tell you the good news first, which there is quite a bit.


1. Ames has its first large scale public art project and it’s getting underway. We are designing, planning, coordinating and fundraising for it. There are many great people working with me on this project, but as creative director as well as the president/founder of Ames it’s quite a lot of work. And a lot of it is came down to this week and weekend. Which is exciting, but, yep, a lot of extra work.

2. We are having a Sew ‘n’ Swap tomorrow at the Workspace on campus. It is also a freaking awesome good time. I’m really excited about it as we only do it once a month while school is in session (Feb, Mar, Apr & Sept, Oct, Nov). Tomorrow we are making fabric covered buttons as a little mini project and then we are swapping and sewing in general.


3. The April Craft Leftovers Monthly was successfully shipped out this past week and work on the summer issue has begun! Hooray!

4. Today is Jason’s birthday! Hooray! He’s 28 today.

The bad news….

All this awesome good news has gotten in the way of today’s post. I had something in mind for today and it just wasn’t working out and with birthday dinner plans and the like I didn’t have extra time to figure out a plan B. So I went to plan C which was to post this quick update and focus on next week’s round of posts.

Have a great weekend!

Happy Crafting!