Good stuff to report… finally!

After many set backs this summer, things are calming down a bit and working themselves out.

I took my ibook to the apple store (a day trip really, it’s an hour and a half away) and was confirmed in my fears that it was indeed kaput (not capute, hehe, woops). Sigh. I am just so thankful that because of the generosity of you guys I only had to replace a computer and not a sewing machine too. Oh I did get it the other day and am starting to figure out how to use it… it’s kind of complicated… but hopefully a sewing pattern by next week. To read more about the trip to the apple store, you can read a post on it on my personal more ranty blog, Overextracted.

Okay, so good stuff. New computer, new to me sewing machine that works so awesome, my little ferret buddy is still hanging in there and actually doing well.

Now for Craft Leftovers related stuff. I am officially going to be participating in the Handmade Market in Chicago! Woot! Craft Leftovers first show! So if you are anywhere near the Chicago area come and check it out. It is Saturday, October 13th from noon to 4:30 at the Empty Bottle.

Now the other Craft Leftovers news has to do with the Etsy shop. I’m going to revamp it come September 1stish. Most likely it will take the weekend. I’m going to take most everything down, reshoot, and relist it. Mainly the kits. I’m going to start including everything in them, including hooks or knitting needles and anything else that the pattern calls for. I’m also going to add a couple of other types of kits.

After being so “don’t under sell yourself, value your time…. etc etc” I realized that is what I have been doing. So the prices will go up a bit come Sept 1stish.

So I guess what I’m saying is that if you have had your eye on something in the shop, you should pick it up before the first if you would like it at the cheaper price. If you would like to get the hook or knitting needles with your kit, just let me know and I can send you the revised invoice.

Oh and priority mail will become an option if you would like to get your package faster. It will be $6 flat rate on all priority mail shipping no matter the size/weight.

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  1. Kristin that is so cool about you being at the empty bottle to show. We just played there a couple weeks ago…anyway have fun!

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