Guest Blogging on CRAFT


Last week I was so excited to start guest blogging on CRAFT. Whenever they have guest bloggers, I always think “wow those people must be so cool”. And now I’m one of them. Although I still have doubts of my “coolness” I do feel like one pretty crafty lady. Check out that sweet banner they made just for me! I’ll be continuing to guest post until Friday. I’m ending with a big bang too! A free toe up sock pattern! 

It’s been a lot of fun posting about using up your leftover yarn. Creative ways to rethink, organize, and fall in love with your scraps. Here’s a round up of the posts I’ve written so far:


Creating with Yarn Scraps: Crochet Catnip Toy (first appeared in the September issue of clm)



Color Theory for Yarnies: matching the mismatched


Keeping Yarn Leftovers Organized



How to Refresh Your Yarn Scraps with Braiding



Compost Critters: Fingerless Mitten Pattern (First released in the Jan 09 issue of clm)


Yarn Yardage Leftovers: Crewel Embroidery

I have another post that will be published in just a few short hours, then one a day for the remainder of the week. I’ll be tweeting links to each one as they are published, so make sure to follow me on twitter :)

It’s been a really great experience for me and I think it will actually help to improve my own blogging here on Craft Leftovers – editorial standards, copy editing, consistency, and all that sort of thing. Even just things like having banners for my different type of posts: ReDress, Thrift Kitchen, book reviews, Patterns, HowTo’s. I hope over the next month I’ll be able to start acting on the things I’ve learned from the staff at CRAFT, they are one amazing group of people. I love their website and they are constantly promoting and giving opportunities to the fresh starts out there. Like myself! They really helped Craft Leftovers hit the ground running. Thanks CRAFT team!