H2O Slinger Duo ReRelease:: Free Yarn Craft Pattern!

Knit H2O slinger crocheth2oslinger-01


When I first purchased my bike 4 years ago I was pretty disappointed to find that it was near impossible to attach a water bottle holder on the high bar. You see my bike has a sloping high bar – which makes it great for when I want to wear a skirt and am riding somewhere, but also makes it so there is no place to put a holder for my water bottle. Awesome and lame all at the same time. So I made myself a knit water bottle holder that I could sling over my shoulder and have water whenever I needed it.

A year later I decided I wanted one in cotton (the first was in scraps of wool) so crocheted one up. Now I grab the crochet one whenever I need to sling some h2o along with me.

This pattern is a duo pattern – you can knit or crochet it! I love that! It is free to download with a suggested donation of $2.

And even better about this duo pattern, I’ve made it into a duo kit! I have quite a few made up (it was this month’s clm kit so I just made up a few extra) and have already listed the first one in the shop. I’ll be adding more in different colors tomorrow. I’m going to work really hard to get the shop stocked up before I head out of town for the maker’s faire – there will be a pretty great sale for ordering while I’m away (since you have to wait for it to ship out, it seems only fair). You can check it out here.

I’ve been pretty busy over the last two days with Craft Leftovers Monthly and wasn’t able to post, but I have two posts ready and will post them over the weekend. Nice right? since weekends are always so slow in the rss feed world :) I do have every intention of taking tomorrow off for the most part – I’m going to be working on updating the archive and maybe dyeing some yarn – sock yarn or worsted? It’s such a hard choice. I am really looking forward to yarn group in the morning, then working in the garden, I just got my strawberries and blueberries in the mail – yum! Hopefully it won’t storm!

Happy Crafting!
++ Kristin ++