How to Make a Table Runner from Scraps

by Alyssa Devanny from Refashion

My addiction to fabric means I have accumulated quite a stash of leftover scraps; pieces too small for most projects but too lovely to throw away.

All this leftover goodness can be utilized by making a table runner. As well as making your table look chic, a table runner is useful for protecting your table from hot pots.

This table runner is 38cm (15″) wide and long enough to hang over the ends of the table.

You will need:

* fabric scraps
* approximately 1 metre of fabric for backing (can be pieces joined together)
* matching thread
* scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat
* tape measure or patchwork ruler
* sewing machine

Cut your fabric scraps into 14cm (5 1/2″) wide pieces. Cutting a variety of different lengths will give a more interesting result. A rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler will make this process much easier but is not essential.


With right sides together, stitch the pieces together with a 7mm (1/4″) wide seam.


Continue stitching pieces together until the table runner measures your desired length. Press (iron) seams to one side.


Stitch two more long strips.


With right sides together, and with a 7mm (1/4″) wide seam, stitch the three strips together down the long edges. Press (iron) seams to one side.


Trim off any excess fabric. Measure your table runner and cut enough backing fabric. You may need to join some pieces of backing fabric together to make it as long as the top.

With right sides together, stitch the top and bottom together around the perimeter with a 7mm (1/4″) wide seam. Leave an opening 10cm (4″) long. Turn the table runner the right-way-out. Press (iron) seams flat. Slip-stitch opening closed by hand.


Happy stitching,
Alyssa Devanny

I am a graphic designer and re-fashionista who lives in Sydney, Australia. I run Refashion, a website dedicated to recycled, DIY fashion. When I am not running after three small children I am at my sewing machine designing beautiful things from the detritus of modern life.

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9 thoughts on “How to Make a Table Runner from Scraps

  1. What a beautiful way to use up fabric scraps! It would be great to use seasonal colors–earth tones in fall, greens and reds in December, pastels in spring, etc.

  2. WOW, I really think I need to learn to sew to do this! I think a runner on the buffet and “matching” placemats on the table would be perfect.

  3. I just discovered your website today and love it! I've been thinking of doing a similar project with my scraps, so maybe this will inspire me to give it a whirl. You have great ideas from what I've seen so far.

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