It’s 10pm and I’m still sewing

I just wanted to let you know that I was called in to work early today and it kind of threw the balance of my little crafterdom. So I got home and cleaned, then started cutting and sewing fabric. I’m still sewing. And I think I could get the pattern posted tonight, but the quality would be shoddy. So I’m going to keep sewing, finish everything up so it’s nice, finish writing up the pattern and then take good photos tomorrow, rewrite the pattern (haha) and post it all.

On a similar note, I’ve noticed that I’ve had a hard time getting patterns up on Fridays lately, so I’m going to re-evaluate the schedule and, maybe start posting patterns on Monday. It turns out that I’m mostly working Thursdays and Fridays at Stam, which is when I would normally finish up, shoot, and post the pattern. So a new schedule is in order while I’m holding down this part time job.

See you all soon!