June Craft Leftovers Monthly!

Subscriptions now on sale from the 16th – 20th and will all be sent out on the 21st. Visit the shop to get your copy today!

Craft Leftovers Monthly is great Handmade Craft Zine filled with projects, recipes, tips, stories, puzzles, and ridiculous illustrated nonsense just for the fun of it. 28 pages of crafty goodness in this great handmade craft zine! Printed on partially recycled paper, all original art work, projects, and recipes.

Get the full Craft Leftovers Monthly Subscription for one or three months! It comes with the zine, a kit of the month (The Water Bottle Sling Duo Kit), and a little random goodie!

Each subscriber’s package is unique because it is made up of reclaimed leftovers and random, stashy goodies and therefore a few of each kind only.

Subscriptions cost:

Zine only = $6.00 (+s&h) ::On Sale May 17th to the beginning of July::
1 month = $10.95 (+s&h) ::On Sale May 17th-20th::
3 months = $28.95 (+s&h) ::On Sale May 17th-20th::


Today has flown by! I am in awe that it’s already 10:39! Yikes. I think I’m just going to turn in for the night and I’ll have the pattern ready on Monday. I would say tomorrow – and maybe – but the central Iowa Sewing Rebellion meeting is tomorrow so I’m sure I’ll be more beat than I expect to be after it’s all wrapped up.

Oh and I’m working on updating the subscriber database and will send out reminders before I go to bed, so if you are not sure if your subscription is up or not, just wait until tomorrow morning to order and you will have an email letting you know if you do or not.

Best wishes and happy crafting!