Just a few of my favorite things…Gardening!

As you may or may not know, the February issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly is divided in half between friendship and gardening. While digging around for ideas I came across quite a few wonderful garden themed items. I was going to have a page devoted to these great goodies, but the issue is so packed full of fun projects and articles, that I had to leave them out. Instead of just leaving them on a virtual dusty shelf, I’ve decided to share them with you here today!


You Grow Girl: The Groundbreaking Guide to Gardening
This is my all time favorite gardening book. It’s down to earth, easy to understand, realistic and hilarious! I love the way Gayla Trail writes with wit, sarcasm, and a pinch of compost. I was lucky enough to hear the tale end of her talk at BlogHer ’07 in Chicago and chat briefly (and by that I mean gawk and tell her how wonderful I think she is and stammer a bit and then run away).  She’s also a wonderful photographer and she regularly shares pictures of her garden on her blog.


I am such a tool fiend. I think that a nice little set like this would be great to have. Somewhere between here and DeKalb I’ve lost all my garden tools. And for under $25 who can resist? Well, one does have to ask oneself, “Is this getting what you pay for?” Well heck, let’s see how it goes.


I came across these sweet little produce sacks on Etsy. I’m a sucker for burlap and veggies, she so stole my heart with this one.  Such a perfect bag for hulling some onions, potatoes, or hey, here’s a thought: beets! She has all sorts including the cutest garlic I have ever seen, you can check out her shop, Nurtured Threads.


I have to admit up front that I have not read Four-Season Harvest all the way through. What I have read I love and I have skimmed the whole book so that has to count for something. Either way, I love the idea of having a harvest all year round. Even though he’s pictured in front of the biggest cold frame I’ve ever seen, he offers many practical solutions for smaller accommodations. So far it’s been a fun, educational read. I have grand visions that soon  I’ll be tying on boots in a snow storm to harvest my own salad greens, beets, and potatoes.

organic gardening

Organic Gardening is the first and only gardening magazine that I have ever subscribed too. That was in 2005 and I’m still enjoying it just as much as the first issue. I have to say it’s hard to find a magazine in any genre that accomplishes that feat. From designer gardens, to community plots, to little containers propped around your door stoop.


And this I love! It’s a KIT for a terrarium! And what a sweet little terrarium it is. I’m hemming and hawing about whether or not to get it. I’m pretty sure that within the next month or two it will be arriving at my door. :) You get everything you need to culitivate a variety of moss and lichens except the glass. This is great in my mind because this winter I exchanged a gift for a lidded jar with this very project in mind.

You can see this small kit and the large kit and ready made terrariums all here in Teresa’s Plants & More Store.