Kit Combo Day!


Yesterday was kit making day. I was going to post about it last night but was freaking tired and wussed out, ha! Anyway, Jason helped me put together about 60+ yarn craft kits and I’m working on another 40 sewing kits and 20 paper kits (collage it and stitch n’ sketch). This has a three fold purpose.

1. I am participating in a handmade market this weekend! Market Day and the Market Street Foundry! Saturday, 9am – 2pm if you live in central Iowa – check it out :)


2. I want to restock to the shop so I made more than I needed for the sale – will start adding new things on Monday.


3. I have the long term goal of making things in advance for the holiday rush so I’m actually reserving 1/4 of what we put together to stock in November. And, I’m going to apply for the Renegade Holiday Fair, so the hope is I’m building up some stock for that too :) Third time is the charm right?


I am making a special something something tonight and I’ll be back with pictures and the recipe later this evening…. I love roasted garlic hummus and it’s the best when it’s from scratch and even better when I’m using up things in my pantry to clear it out for grocery day! Hooray for Thursday in the Thrift Kitchen!

See you later!

One thought on “Kit Combo Day!

  1. Oh how fun, Kristin! Wish I lived in Iowa to go to the Market Day. It sounds like fun.

    Btw, I recieved the CLM yesterday in the mail along with the H2O Slinger Kit I ordered from you. Both are wonderful. I read the newsletter already and can’t wait to start on the kits. Your newsletters keep getting better and better. :) Thank you, Kristin!

    PS: Tell Molly that she is a very talented writer. I am going to make the mouse for my Katie cat.

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