My first book: Mend it Better!

I’m so excited to officially announce the release of my first book Mend it Better! It’s in stores now and on the shelves officially – I’m a nerd, I went and checked! Go here to order it online from a number of great book sellers, or head over to your local book shop to request they carry it if they don’t already. Or head to the new Craft Leftovers Shop and order yourself a personalized signed copy!

This book is packed with great information – and not just technical “how to mend” kind of things, there’s a spattering of history on sewing, some stories from my own life, and a bunch of creative twists on mending projects by contributors. It’s amazing looking! I’m delighted with everything, from the photography to the layout to the smallest little touches like the stitchy font!

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So to get things rolling on touring around blogs, here are a few questions and answers.

Q: How long did it take to write the book and make the projects?

A: Researching and planning took about 4 months, writing took about 5 months, making the projects and all the “step outs” for the photoshoot another 3 months, and edits and revisions took another 3 months. Storey is great about proofing their books. They do everything in their power to help authors put their best writing forward.

Q: What’s my favorite project?

A: I love the little mending clutch in chapter 2 and actually carry it with me everywhere. Clothing-wise I really love Leah Peterson’s reverse applique embroidery on page 64. And… okay, well I really love all the projects showcased in the book, so I’ll just stop there.

Q: Where did I learn how to mend?

A: My grandma, Deb Cory, my Mom, books, the Sewing Rebellion, the wonderful world of the internet, and my greatest teacher: Mrs. Trial-and-error.

If you’d like to ask me some more questions, I’d be happy to answer them on your blog! Just send me an email – kristin [at] craftleftovers [dot] com to set it up.

What people are saying about Mend It Better:

Kudos to Kristin Roach and her contributors for making mending cool. This book offers just the right mix of practical instruction and creative inspiration to motivate readers to repair their well-worn, favorite garments. Let’s stitch!

— Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood,

I used to put my mending tasks off as long as possible, but this book has changed my ways. Kristin not only shows you how to repair all kinds of clothing, she shows you how to turn a repair into a beautiful creative detail that makes a garment like new again. The next time my favorite shirt or sweater has a mishap, I’ll be ready to work some magic!

— Diane Gilleland, and author of Writing a Great Art or Craft Blog

Kristin Roach is a creative mastermind when it comes to celebrating crafty leftovers. In her
new book Mend It Better, she doesn’t only offer clever ideas for repairs, but they each come
with an impressive designer twist!

— Kathy Cano-Murillo, founder of and author of Waking Up in the Land of Glitter

I’m so grateful to the whole team at Storey Publishing for giving me this oppertunity to write this book. Their dedication to the project really made it (and me!) shine. They are wonderful to work with and quite the creative bunch of folks themselves!

Happy Crafting!
Kristin Roach

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  1. Your book is wonderful.  For the beginner or to those of us who need new inspiration to pull out those long put away mending projects.  Everyone I show it too says it’s great and they want to get a copy.  This would make a  great gift too.  Great job!!!!!

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