Midweek Get Over Hump Day with Cooking – Aprons Part III

Okay, so well, haha, I messed this baby up. I remade the pattern, cut all the pieces just fine, made tons of bias tape:

And here is where the problem started:

Don’t see it, maybe you do, I sure didn’t. I sewed the shoulders on backwards, dang it!

The back looks okay, but it is backwards.

The front, oh the front, that’s what looks really bad:

I’m thinking I’ll just sew it like this. A quick fix for this one. I think I’ll trace the pieces before I “fix” it. I think that I’ll try again, but this time, put the shoulders on right. Haha.

I did manage to bake some bread yesterday that turned out okay, so that’s good.

I smothered it in apple butter, delicious!

Oh yeah, before i take off, there is just one subscription left in the shop, so you better go get it if you were thinking about it :) Thank you to everyone who has picked one up!

See you all Saturday!

One thought on “Midweek Get Over Hump Day with Cooking – Aprons Part III

  1. Kristin, thinking in a positive light, (which is what I always try to do, ha ha) I bet you NEVER make this mistake again. I know how frustrating it is to spend all that time and have it turn out not perfect. Hang in there! The next one will be perfect!!!

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