New in the New Shop

Grand Re-Opening of the Craft Leftovers Shop: Your Hub for Resourceful Craft Inspiration & Eco-Conscious Fine Art!

I am thrilled to announce the return of the Craft Leftovers Shop at its new digital abode! A leftovers hub for craft zines & patterns is re-emerging at a new web address, and (so happy about this!) the integration of my fine art collection into the catalog.

New Address, New Adventures

Http:// is where the magic now unfolds. Update your bookmarks, and be ready to explore a revamped site that’s designed to enhance your browsing and shopping experience.

Craft Zines Meet Eco Art

In this grand re-opening, I’m intertwining the enchanting world of Craft Leftovers with the elegance of fine art. My catalog is expanding to include the Junk Mail Migration Bird Paintings & Backyard Botanical Gouache Paintings, creating a harmonious fusion of creativity and sustainability.

A Fusion of Creativity

Whether you’re passionate about crafting or seeking unique, environmentally conscious art, the KMR Shop is the destination where both passions converge. From zines to patterns to captivating upcycled art pieces, there’s something for every art enthusiast and eco-conscious creator.

New in the New Shop: A New Zine!

This summer brought all kinds of fun and challenges. Lucy did not have care for the first time ever and I was balancing a new role. This little zine is a peek into the daily conversations between parents and kids. And fun fact, after a few months removed, it was Lucy (my daughter the zine is about), that encouraged me to finish it and put it up for sale because “it’s hilarious mom!” Grab yourselves the print version today, the pdf version will be available in January.

Thank you for being an integral part of the creative community. I am eagerly anticipating sharing this new chapter with you! Enjoy free shipping (US continental only) through Christmas (Dec 25, midnight) when you make your first purchase in the new shop. Just use coupon code: WELCOME at checkout.

Until Next Time!

Kristin M Roach

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