Oh Baby: Meet Lucille Lynn Shaw

I’ve been trying to figure out what to post about as my first post back from my birth experience and I keep stalling out. So I’m going to just post a picture of the little lady and get moving. So many fun projects in the mix. Where’s my camera!



Some stats:

  • Born August 18, 2013
  • 9lbs (now 11lbs)
  • 21.5 inches (now 23.5)
  • Huge.
  • Cute as a button.

80 hours of labor. Home birth moved to hospital birth after the 56th hour. Screaming. Yelling. Crying. Laughing. Seizures (me). Home. Sleep. Recovery. Back to work.

It has been intense. And we are finally starting to fall into a sort of routine. The house is a mess. But I’m cooking again and we have clean clothes, so these are big bonuses.

I’m back to work and diving head long into changing out shows in 4 galleries in 3 weeks. Lucy is with me every step of the way and so far bringing her to work with me has been great. I’ve been able to breast feed her and it’s just nice getting to spend all day with her.

My studio is getting an overhaul – a new ceiling and an egress window and some lighting. Getting closer to my dream space and I’m looking forward to spending some time weaving and sewing. I’ve been knitting on a sock. Still haven’t made one single project for Lucy. Funny how that goes. I thought I would be the biggest handmade momma ever. Ha. Apparently I’m still a very selfish knitter.

Oh, I was in three shows in the past 3 months – one solo, one multi-person show with friends, and one juried group show.

And I’ve been selling bulk herbs: Little Woods Herbal – it pays for me to buy more herbs, which I then sell and buy even more herbs. Use the coupon code “craftleftovers-2013” to get free shipping.

And we have 9 chickens… still… and still no eggs.

I think that sort of catches us up a bit.

I do seriously need to find my camera.

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