Out of town!

It turns out that I’m going to be leaving out of town right after work tomorrow and will not be able to revamp shop this weekend. Some stuff is backordered and just isn’t going to arrive on time too. I guess everything doesn’t always turn out just right.

I’m hoping that things will come through by next weekend. I’ll at least have most of the shop updated by next Friday…. hopefully.

The pattern will be updated tomorrow morning as usual though, so no worries there.

See you all in the morning!

Edited in: This must be a day of issues. I know it must be a throw back from the computer issue I had before, but I can’t find the pattern that I was going to post tomorrow. I’ve looked… and looked. Sigh.

Okay, so new plan. Jason is going to extract my hard drive on Sunday, so hopefully, that will get my set of unpublished lost patterns back. And then… by Monday… hopefully…. I will have a pattern up.

I am so sorry about all this mess! And thankfully it will all be ironed out soon. Hard drive extraction. Woot. Maybe. It may not work. I’ll keep you posted.

Hopefully I’ll be back with good news about the hard drive!

(lots of hopefullies here)