Pain in the Neck

Literally! So, I’m finally at a point where I can give you an update. This morning I completely through my neck out. I can barely turn my head side to side and there is no way I can sew (mooooan… woe is me!). I have the pattern all mapped out, but I’m beat from having to work all day (all my energy went into “suck it up Kristin” while at work and now that I’m home I’ve turned into some kind of pumpkin), I just can’t sew right now. I’m throwing in the towel, I’m not going to get a pattern up this week. But there will be one next week and it’s going to be so cool that it will blow your minds.

My friend is coming over tomorrow to help me out with the Craft Leftovers Monthly subscriptions, so that will go out on Monday as planned. She totally rocks and is going to help this poor old lady in a 24 year old’s body get things together.

I’m hoping that a good evening of r & r and hot and cold compresses will get me back to good by tomorrow.

Just to give you a little bit of crafty goodness, I dyed this yarn up a bit ago, loved it so much I made two batches, so I could knit with it. (the other batch sold right off, sweet!) It’s my first go at toe up socks and I’m loving it. I want to work on that too tonight, but alas, I think I might have to resolve myself to a movie and tea… my little fingers are feeling fidgety just thinking about not having anything in their hands.

Anyway, thanks for putting up with me! I’ll post an update on Craft Leftovers Monthly on Monday.

ps if you did not get an email confirmation, that’s because I completely forgot to send them out! geesh! I got about half way through, had to stop and then forgot to pick it back up again until I realized it just now, that little “oh crap” bell just went off in my head. I’ll send those out tomorrow in the am (if I’m up to it, just to whine a little more, typing is starting to hurt my poor body too and my hands are going numb, lame!, this is soooooo annnnnnnnoying!*(&#@*&), just to make sure I have your physical addresses correct.

Ms Whiny Pants Kristin

4 thoughts on “Pain in the Neck

  1. Oh, no, poor you! Sometimes our bodies just say to us, “What? You won’t take a break? Okay, then I’ll MAKE you take one!”

    Here’s hoping you can enjoy a day of rest, tea, and those hot and cold compresses. Don’t you worry about this week’s pattern – we’d all rather have you pain-free.

    Wish I weren’t so far away – I’d come help you pack Monthlies too!

  2. Ouch!

    I agree with sisterdg, your neck comes first. So don’t apologize.

    I hope you feel better, hon!

  3. Take care of yourself. I hope you will feel better. Sometimes I get this pain too.. just awful. The best treatment..relax ( ha easy to say, right?..)but it works:)
    I wish you well!

  4. Girl you are too young to have that happen! Get one of those lavender neck things that you can pop in the microwave. it really soothes your neck and helps the blood flow. or you can get those therma care stickers at the grocery store. take care!! xoxo

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