Pin Cushion Hang Up

Pin Cushion Hang Up

I finally came up with a good idea for the pin cushion. So for me, my problem is storage. I really can’t have little cushions cluttering up my work space and at the same time, I don’t want to have to go hunting for it when I need it. I saw one of Trixy’s little quilt squares and it was like “that’s it!” I’m going to make a little cube with a loop so it can hang on my tool rack. I’m going to put a little lavender in it too so it will make my studio area smell nice every time I stab it. If I had emery sand I would put that in there too, but I don’t so rice and stuffing it is.

Download the pattern here (pdf).

I am so happy with my little pin cushion and have some other sewing projects set for this weekend. So many fun things to work on. One of which will be dyeing yarn tonight for Green Prairie Fibers and then working on the Cat Hoodie so I can send it off for the first round of pattern testing. I’m so excited to start that up again. Oh which reminds me. I’ll be sending out an email to all those who were interested in being pattern testers tomorrow afternoon. Missed out on the call for testers? Just email me at CraftLeftovers [at] gmail [dot] com and let me know. You can read about Pattern Testing as well as other ways to support and contribute to Craft Leftovers on the Support & Contribute page.

And as always, check out the Craft Leftovers shop for great craft kits and little handmade goodies.

Have a great weekend and keep it Crafty and Creative! Have fun!

++ Kristin Roach ++

12 thoughts on “Pin Cushion Hang Up

  1. Great pincushion idea, Kristin. It’s sure to come in very handy. Can’t wait to test out some more patterns for you, you are so prolific it’s quite amazing. :0)

  2. My cat has me worried about leaving pincushions out ever since I caught him eating a needle so this is a great idea!!

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