Planets align to bring three craft bloggers together!

You all know how it is to have online friends. People you admire, get along with great, would love to hang out with all the time, but they live on the other side of the country? We have these dynamic social networks online, but our day to day can be pretty solitary. I love Ames and have lots of friends here and there’s plenty to do. But wow, would I ever love to live just down the block from Diane of the CraftyPod and Rachel of Average Jane Crafter + a half dozen plus other online friends.


Earlier last week I was pretty freaked out and had a “no way is this possible!” when I saw @sisterdiane and @avgjanecrafter tweets about seeing each other the following week. No way! In Texas! I’ll be in Texas too! The planets aligned for a once in a lifetime gathering of friends, both Diane (of the CraftyPod) and I were going to be in Rachel (of Average Jane Crafter + Craftzine editor) region during the same week. Crazy!

Jason and I amended our plans so after the triathlon he would go spend a couple of days with his best friend from college and I would get 2 full days with Rachel and one with Diane and Rachel. It was a blast.

First, Rachel is of course an amazing woman and has the most beautiful family and home. Second, she just finished putting together her studio which we used as our craft command center.




Third, she taught me a new craft: needle punch! Forth, Diane showed up and we took the morning and afternoon to have an adventure by the Gulf. Fifth, her kids are awesome and I got a tour of her 7 year old son’s Lego City (which was pretty amazing) and a tour of their neighborhood from her 10 year old daughter on our bikes.

I slept and ate good food and had such great conversations. It was inspiring and just a ton of fun.


We went to Rocket Park to see the Saturn 5 rocket.



We went to Galveston for a delicious lunch, the cutest candy shop, and putting our feet in the sand and gulf. It was a wonderful day.






I was so cracked out on sugar after the candy shop that I was getting super excited about the water. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the Gulf. I grew up going down to Ft Myers and wow, the smell hit me and I felt like a little kid again.

Today Jason and I are traveling north again and will be checking out a museum, a hobby shop, a doll house shop (yyyyeeeeeee!), and a weaving center! I’m so excited! I’ll take pictures and report back on Monday.

Happy Crafting!
Kristin Roach

9 thoughts on “Planets align to bring three craft bloggers together!

  1. OMG! I about fell off my chair when I saw that picture! I have stood in that exact same spot many times. I know that none of you know me personally, but I follow your blogs and I live in Houston! I would have loved to met all of you for a cup of coffee so I could get on my knees and bow to your craft greatness! Maybe I will see you at the quilt show???

    1. Small world! Diane and I were at the Quilt Market. I was only able to go to Fabric 2.0 Friday night and then a handful of hours at the show on Saturday. Diane has been there all weekend, demo-ing Kanzashi makers at the Clover booth like a mad woman. :)

    2. haha, nonsense with the craft greatness. Diane and Rachel were both at the quilt show, I had met back up with Jason by that time. It would have been lovely to meet you too. Maybe next year :) Or if you are ever in central iowa!

  2. Kristin & Diane – that was truly one of my favorite weeks of all time. What a perfect blend of crafty fun, space-y tourism and beach-y candy Nirvana. We really – REALLY – need to make that an annual thing. I’m so glad the planets aligned and so glad you were able to stay with us for a few days. The kids keep asking where “Miss Kristin” and “Miss Diane” are. You were so sweet to them both! I love, love, LOVED hanging out and talking for hours, crafting and exploring. Just WONDERFUL! Thanks for coming. :) 

    P.S. – I have a great new punchneedle book/story to share with you. :) 

  3. Love it!!! I know the feeling like when you jumped on a bus and came to visit! Thanks for sharing the story!

  4. I am still green with envy.  the color hasn’t worn off since i tuned green while reading Diane’s e-mail telling me the three of you were sitting in Rachel’s lovely studio together! 

    So glad it worked out for the three of you to spend some “real” time together.

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