Rain Day Rambling

Well, no progress could be made today on the dresser. It poured all day. Well, up until right now actually and it’s now getting dark. I did make progress in general though. I finished up my shawl that I’ve been working on since January. It’s a gift for someone, but I have doubts they read this blog so I’ll post a picture for you today.


I’m kind of in a finishing mode lately. It’s been super fun because I have been able to plan out some new projects for myself pretty guilt free. You see, as part of my senior project I knit in the window with all my wips on display. It was 4+ hours a day 4+ days a week for a month straight. I wanted to invite people passing by to experience the time it takes to knit one item, let along several. I actually had guest knitters who knit in the window with me. I showed some people how to knit too. I heard so many stories about how “I just had to stop in and say how wonderful it is what you are doing, my grandma used to knit (or I used to knit or my mom used to knit) and seeing it again, how peaceful it looks makes me want to relearn again.” Awesome! I heard so many great stories and was inspired and hopefully inspired some people too. The thing is that I also was tying up my loose ends, finishing all the projects I had started while in dekalb. In the window I had about a dozen, but really there was more like 20. Well, by the end of it I had finished 2 and made a lot of progress on the rest. I’m happy to say that with the shawl being finished, the socks the other day:

Sock Yarn

And the vest on Tuesday:

I am now down to just one knitting project on the needles and I’ve finished all my crochet projects. I feel like the sky is the limit! I feel like I can really start making some progress on my personal stash now. I’ve added a few projects to my ravelry project list and I’m so excited to cast on and get going. Also, with finishing all these things, I’m freed up to do some stress free Christmas crafting. I’m going to start focusing on projects that would make great stocking stuffers/handmade gifts. When you are making gifts for everything, now is really the start of the “Christmas Making Season”…. my favorite season :)

Finishing things feels so good.

Have a happy Thursday everyone and I’ll see you tomorrow with this week’s pattern.

Happy Crafting!

3 thoughts on “Rain Day Rambling

  1. Ooo! Everything looks beautiful but I have to say that the vest is my favorite. Is that the vest from Twelve Months of Knitting? I have that book and been wanting to make that pattern but am not sure of what yarn to use.

    BTW, I love your site!

  2. I have been on a bit of a finishing kick too…I still have several wips, but finishing up things that have been lingering too long feels really good. Like the “quick” fall sweater I started a year ago and just finally finished seaming the other day! Funny how that happens :)

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