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Redress: Choices, choices. Which fabric?

I’m faced with a dilemma. I’m stuck on which color combo and fabric choice to go with for my next sewing adventure.

I’ve been holding on to this brown fabric for “just the right project” and I think I found it, but I’m just not sure. Here is the dress I’m going to make. It’s Butterick B5210 and in theory it’s Fast and Easy –looking forward to that.


So I’m thinking the brown crepe style fabric would give this pattern a nice rustic look, especially if I trimmed it with a solid color. I was thinking blue, because I love blue. The brown fabric will be sewn so the textured stripes are vertical, not horizontal.

I’m starting to lean toward this linen I dyed this winter. It’s been suffering in stashdom for too long.


{option 1}

This royal blue would look really dynamic as well.


{option 2}

Then I got cold feet and thought, “What if this pattern looks rotten on me?” There isn’t enough to make another dress from this fabric. It’s a thrifted find from awhile ago. That is a hoarding tendency right there, but I’ll get over it if you think it will look cute.

Anyway, I dug around a little more and thought one of these two options might be fun too:


{option 3}


{option 4}

Okay, so what do you think? It’s times like these I wish there was a Ravelry type community where I could look at all the fabrics and colors and body types with this pattern. Oh wait, that’s Burda Style. I found this member submitted project. Turns out that Butterick B5210 makes a nice blouse if I end up jacking the dress up too much.

I’m going to start adding my projects to Burda Style once I get it all figured out. For whatever reason, I have no clue what they are talking about when they want credit. I’ve tried a few combos to no avail. I’ll figure it out later.

Leave a comment with the option you like, I’ll choose and get started on it by next Tuesday.

Happy stitching!