Scheduled Site Maintenence

Holy cow all the order! I am sorry to say I didn’t get it to the post office by the last pick up on Saturday so they will go out in the morning. That was the most orders I have ever received any month, hands down! Thank you! Jason has really stepped up and helped me put together all the kits, zines, and packages for everyone.

I was expecting/planning/hoping for about… oh… 40 subscriptions going out this month… I had over 60 (including the roll over of three month subscriptions). Which is quite the increase! Awesome! Next month I’ll be more prepared.

So now that is pretty much done so I’m going to spend today attempting a big site update. Sunday is my slowest day (usually) with reading and all the content will be there, it’s just going to not looks that good and not make much sense for a bit. I’m applying a new template and reorganizing the pages, catagories and all that jazz. Hopefully it will be mostly done by tonight.

See you soon! Thanks again for all the orders! And wish me luck with this update!