Site Update

Hi all, it’s about that time of year again where I get fidgety and want to revamp the site.

But instead of just being fidgety about the way the site looks, this revamp it’s comes with additional exciting news. Starting this week, Craft Leftovers is my one and only blog.

So excuse the mess over the rest of the week while I whip this place into shape.

There will be a new look of course, but most importantly, I’ll have a template that has a sortable menu where I can make categories into pages and sub pages – making it much easier to poke around in the archive. Finally!

I’ll see you on Friday with a new post about a fun weaving project I’m doing and a loom tutorial. And then on Monday, I’ll sing the praises of the new site’s look and functions.

Next on the to do list is Since it will no longer be a blog, by the end of the month it will become my stand alone portfolio site. Completely updated with my most recent works, an updated cv, and project summaries, plus, how you can contact and hire me. How fun is that? Pretty fun.

See you soon!

One thought on “Site Update

  1. Like the new header & background. (one teeny tiny pet peeve is the ads hanging out all funky – the 728 x 90 ad at the top isn’t centered and the 300 x 250 on the right hangs out into the background pattern, unlike the rest of the promos on the right hand side.)

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